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The Health Freedom Foundation is focusing its efforts this year on building a war chest that can be used to help build the body of case law in support of health freedom. We are often contacted by physicians who are being harassed or threatened with censure by the medical board for their use of nonstandard diagnostic techniques and therapies. They are up against an entrenched and well-funded system that can bring all of its resources to bear against individuals who are simply no match for such a juggernaut. These individuals turn to us for help and, unless we have the financial resources to jump into the fray on their behalf, they will be left to go it on their own. In many instances, they simply stop providing the questioned services; in far too many other instances, they are severely censured, lose their license and are driven into bankruptcy by the costs of defending themselves.

We believe these individuals need our support. If we don’t help, not only will these physicians be driven out of business, but consumers will also lose their health freedom. Americans will be forced to travel to other countries for therapies and tests they should be able to get right here.

We need a steady source of income for this effort. We’re asking people like you, who clearly see the need, to give $200 each month to support our legal efforts. In addition to knowing you are doing something to help physicians, patients and the future of alternative medicine, you will also receive:

  • A free one-year subscription to the Townsend Letter for Doctors and Patients (if you are currently a subscriber, you will receive next year’s subscription free)
  • Physicians Dietary Supplements information package (vital to physicians who sell dietary supplements).

Please take a moment now to fill in the form. You can stop your contribution at any time, just by letting us know. The important thing is to begin, so we can continue helping practitioners use the therapies they believe in. I hope you will join us as a Millennium Club member.

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