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The Health Freedom is not your ordinary blog, we discuss everything even the sensitive topics such as being a political voice for health care practitioners who use nutritional and other complementary therapies in patient care.

Our members approach health from a comprehensive perspective, utilizing preventive medical techniques and less invasive, more natural methods of patient management.

HF was founded in 1998 in direct response to the problems faced by practitioners and consumers in theĀ United States. Medical freedoms were and continue to be threatened by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, the allopathic medical community, insurance companies and state medical boards around the country. It is clear that complementary health care providers and consumers need an advocate… on Capitol Hill, in the state legislatures, in the courts, and with the media.

We are appalled that good doctors are loosing their licenses or being driven into bankruptcy simply because they use alternative approaches to preventing disease and restoring health.

We are concerned that advancements in medicine are being stymied and effective therapies ignored because good practitioners are afraid of censure.

It is time for someone to speak out; time to change the laws that restrict patient choice and practitioners ability to provide the best quality care; time to allow for advancements in health care, unrestrained by institutional bias or fear.


“If people let the government decide what foods they eat and what medicines they take, their bodies will soon be in as sorry a state as are the souls who live under tyranny.”
-Thomas Jefferson
What Do We Do
It is the express purpose of the Health Freedom Foundation to support the continuous growth of health freedom in the United States.
  • Educate consumers, health professionals and policy makers about the value, safety and efficacy of alternative and complementary modalities, to facilitate optimal health, prevent and treat disease;
  • Actively promote awareness and acceptance of alternative and complementary therapies, as well as health freedom issues;
  • Litigate, as necessary, to protect the rights of consumers, in particular their right to access the full range of therapies, and to protect the rights of practitioners to make those therapies available without threat of censure, harassment or sanctions.
  • Protect the doctor-patient relationship;
  • Protect the privacy of medical records;
  • Ensure that supplement manufacturers can make truthful health claims so that consumers understand what they are buying and why;
  • Assertstates’ Constitutional rights to regulate the practice of medicine;
  • Promote the free flow of truthful, scientific information;
  • Expand research into complementary and alternative therapies;
  • Protect practitioners’ rights to offer complementary and alternative therapies;
  • Prevent discrimination against complementary and alternative practitioners.

The Foundation supports the free exchange of ideas and information between different schools of thought with regard to health care, and encourages cooperation and shared knowledge in pursuit of improved health and genuine wellness for humankind.

Our Promise

Sometimes, in our efforts to achieve health care freedom for all Americans, it is necessary for us to head to the courts. Whether as plaintiffs in a lawsuit, joining as “friends of the court” in someone else’s lawsuit, or by filing emergency petitions against federal agencies, AAHF is working diligently to build the body of case law that asserts Americans’ right to access the full range of health promotion and disease prevention therapies.

We believe that informed consumers make better decisions, and that health care is one of the most personal decisions individuals make.

Health Freedom is that advocate. Please join us in our fight to ensure access to the full range of safe and effective therapies.

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